Faith, Love & Hypnosis

In 1998 I experienced a major stoke caused by a rare brain disease. There is no treatment for this condition and I was told I had lost a third of my brain and if I survived, which was not expected, I would be in a nursing home.

Faith Love and Hypnosis is the story of my healing journey.

My book is full of ideas you can use to become more resilient so you can better handle life if you should find yourself in a crisis. You will be able to use these ideas to protect yourself from stress which is the leading cause of illness.  

My healing journey is what led me to my mission of helping others create a happier and healthier life through the many tools Sky Blue Resilience has to offer.  Such as Hypno/Coaching, Teaching new hypnotists, and Resilience Training.  


Resilience Training


Resilience ISconfidence, flexibility, living in bliss, and strength and integrity. 

Be so resilient that stress doesn’t matter and so flexible that you bend but don't break.
Resilience is really the answer to a healthy life and it is essential in this fast paced complex world that we are living in. With resilience you are able to bounce back from the day’s stresses quickly and seamlessly with joy!

I teach resilience with laughter because it is the best way to learn and grow your emotional muscles.
Over the years I have had so many people tell me they would like to learn the things I teach in the hypnosis class but they don’t want to start a business or become a hypnotist. I did listen and what I am hearing some people say is that you have a desire to have better communication skills, and ways to help themselves and their families become mentally and emotionally strong.

Hypnosis Certification

This is Wisconsin's number 1 hypnosis certification. The only certification that you will be certified with two organizations. If you’ve always wanted to help people become happier and healthier, Hypnosis may be the career for you. The potential for your future as a certified hypnotist and member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) is as big as you can dream. 

You can create this new career  on September 1-4th and October 6th-9th.

Sky Blue Resilience will help you complete the Hypnosis Certification training and you will be ready to start your practice. You will use the techniques learned in this class to help your clients change their behaviors and improve their health. 

I love what I do!  Helping people lead healthier and happier lives through the Sky Blue Resilience Hypno/Coaching and Resilience training programs have been such a blessing.  I would love to help you pass many of the things I have learned over the years onto your clients.  

Sky Blue Resilience Offers Hypno/Coaching, Resilience Training, Hypnosis Certification and Many Wellness Classes 

Hypno/Coaching can help you if you want to lose weight, stop smoking or any other habit, have a fear you want to release, have chronic pain, gain , confidence or become better in sports . Hypno-coaching is a combination of life coaching and hypnosis. You can have a session face to face, on the phone or Skype. Call Jane at 608-697-4457 for a 15 minute free consultation or to make an appointment. You can also email Jane from the Contact Page.

Become stronger in both mind & body through the many

training tools Sky Blue Resilience has to offer.